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Saint Jude’s and Saint John Ogilvie’s Parish is a parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, a Designated Religious Charity: No. SC 018140


St Jude and St John Ogilvie Parish Church, Glasgow welcomes you to our website. 
Thank you for visiting. We hope our site provides all the information you might need to know whether you intend visiting our church – where you can be assured of a warm welcome – or are looking to find out more about the Catholic Faith.

Parish of St Jude & St John Ogilvie 
159 Pendeen Road Glasgow G33 4SH
Tel: 0141 771 5004

Parish Priest: Father Francis Okereke

Sunday Mass: 10.00am
Daily Mass:       See Below
Confessions: Please arrange with Father Francis

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

25th October 2020


The Sick of the Parish:

We continue to pray for all the sick and housebound of the Parish.

Recently Deceased:    

Anniversaries: Tommie and Sean Murray and Theresa Kerr

If you are a tax payer you might want to consider using the donation envelopes and signing up for Gift Aid which allows the church to reclaim tax on all of your donations.  If you Gift Aid your collection, we can claim back from the government 25p for every £1 you donate.  Any persons who want to sign up should speak to Father Francis to complete the appropriate form which is basically just your name address and NI number.

Anyone who wishes to pay their contributions directly into the church bank can do so using Sort Code 80-13-95 Account Number 00274160

INCOME –Collections £351.00 includes gift aid money, Quarterly £4.00.. (Note:- the collection money is being counted one week later due to corona virus)

FEAST OF ST. JUDE – Wednesday this week is the feast of St Jude, we do not have mass in the Parish on Wednesday so we will celebrate it on Thursday. The Novena prayers will be published on Facebook and displayed at the back of the church.

NOVEMBER LISTS – There are lists available at the back of the church, you can complete the names of those who you wish to have prayed for during the month of November and place in the envelope provided together with your donation.  The lists will be placed on the Altar during the month.

Normally the church offers a memorial mass for all the families of parishioners who died during the previous twelve months but due to the current situation it has been decided to postpone this until the church returns to normality.  Father Francis will remember all those persons during the month of November.

DONATION OF CLOTHING FOR NIGERIA – Father Francis would like to request any donations of clothing for all age groups, adult and children, these can be used or new but preferably in good condition. No Coats or jackets please.   He proposes to take these items to Nigeria when he travels later in the year.  Nigeria has been very had hit with the Covid 19 pandemic and Father Francis thinks there will be a great need for this type of clothing, underwear or shoes.  Any donations can be left, clearly marked at the church door and will be stored in the choir loft or can be handed in to the Chapel House.

FIRST COMMUNION – Will be celebrated in the Parish on Saturday 7th November.  Please note there are First Communion gifts and cards available at the back of the church.

MY DAY BY DAY BOOK NOVEMBER – on sale at the back of the church,  £1.00 each, there are only a few left.

Sunday November 8th  is the beginning of Scottish Interfaith week. It is an opportunity for Catholics to follow the example set by our Holy Father Pope Francis to reach out to our neighbours and to recognise all people of faith as our brothers and sisters. Take the opportunity this week to pray that people of faith might work together for peace in our world and in our country. Interfaith Scotland’s website gives notification of the many interfaith events happening throughout the country this week if you would like to get involved.


Visiting the Sick – Clergy visiting the sick are not restricted as to how many they can visit in one day – you can visit as many as need visited. This helps ensure that the sick and housebound get the pastoral care that they need, but it also means that it is absolutely essential that we observe social distancing, face coverings, and hand hygiene when doing so, for if we do not observe these requirements we risk spreading the virus amongst some of the most vulnerable in our communities. 

The Government has said that clergy should keep “track and trace” records of who they visit, and when, under the same conditions as we do in church, so that if the priest or the sick person is later tested positive the NHS can track who else might be affected amongst this particularly at-risk group. 

We have been advised that we should not however be undertaking merely routine visits to the sick at this fragile stage in the pandemic but only visiting those who really need visited.

Hospitals/Care Homes – Visits by the clergy to the sick in hospitals should not be affected by the local restrictions in the Central Belt, although individual hospitals and wards may be under higher restrictions given the current upsurge in cases. 

The clergy are now allowed to visit care homes, and like hospitals this should not be affected by the local restrictions but may be affected by individual homes/units/wards having higher restrictions. This allows for individual visits to residents but not yet for communal activities. See the penultimate page of this document for more details:—visiting-guidance-and-testing-update-cabinet-secretary-for-health-letter-12-october-2020/adult-care-homes—visiting-guidance-and-testing-update-cabinet-secretary-for-health-letter-12-october-2020/govscot%3Adocument/Visiting%252C%2Bguidance%2Band%2Btesting%2Bupdate%252C%2BCabinet%2BSecretary%2Bfor%2BHealth%2Bletter%2B12%2BOctober%2B2020.pdf 

Whenever visiting hospitals or care homes we must observe all the usual requirements and additionally follow any specific directions given by staff (which might include wearing additional PPE, such as aprons). 

Privacy Notice– This parish has a lawful basis to process your information.  Contacting people who might have been exposed to coronavirus is an important step in stopping the spread.  Your information will be destroyed 21 days after the attendance at Mass.  Your data will only be used for attendance at Mass and if requested by NHS Scotland for contact tracing purposes.  You have the right to have your data erased or corrected. The full Archdiocese of Glasgow privacy notice is available at:

Catholic Social Thought for the day. 25 October -We cannot remain spectators before the suffering of so many people who are worn out by hunger, violence, and injustice. … If I do not draw near to that man, to that woman, to that child, to that old man or that old woman who is suffering, I do not draw near to God. Pope Francis, Audience on 27 April 2016

St Jude &
St John Ogilvie
St Maria Goretti
Sunday10.00am Mass11.30am Mass 
MondayNo Mass10.00am Mass
Tuesday9.30am MassNo Mass
WednesdayNo Mass Feast of St Jude10.00am Mass
Thursday9.30am Mass No Mass
FridayNo Mass10am Mass
Saturday9.30am Mass6pm Vigil Mass
Sunday10am Mass11.30am Mass