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Saint Jude’s and Saint John Ogilvie’s Parish is a parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, a Designated Religious Charity: No. SC 018140

History of the Parish

The parish of St Jude in Barlanark was founded in 1954 with Fr Martin Doherty as Parish Priest. The church was opened in 1956. Fr Doherty retired in 1982 and was replaced as Parish Priest by Fr Gus Hurley.

“Wee” Fr Hurley was replaced as Parish Priest by “Big” Fr Tom Hurley in 1989. Fr Allan Cameron took over from Fr Tom Hurley in 2000 and was Parish Priest until Oct 2013 when he was replaced by Fr Paul Gargaro. The current priest, Fr Francis Okereke, came to the parish in 2017 .

The parish of Blessed John Ogilvie in Wellhouse was founded in 1957, with Fr Jeremiah Healy as Parish Priest. 

Fr Healy died before the final completion of the church in 1960. He was succeeded in 1960 by Rev Thomas Reilly, who remained until 1978.

Fr Reilly was heavily involved in the cause for the canonisation of John Ogilvie which took place in 1976. The miraculous cure of a parishioner, John Fagan, was the final miracle that led from Blessed John Ogilvie to Saint John Ogilvie, as the parish was then renamed.

Fr Reilly was replaced as parish priest by Fr Patrick Tobin, from 1978 until 1989. Fr Eamon Friel, served only two years (1989-1991) before Fr Peter Sweeney was appointed. Fr Sweeney served the parish for 10 years (1991-2001) before his untimely death. 

Fr Joseph McNulty took over the parish after Fr Sweeney’s death and served as parish priest until the parish was amalgamated with St Jude’s to become the Parish of St Jude and St John Ogilvie (2 March 2008).