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Saint Jude’s and Saint John Ogilvie’s Parish is a parish of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, a Designated Religious Charity: No. SC 018140

Liturgical Ministries

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Altar Servers
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion,(Eucharistic Ministers)
Lectors (Readers)
Welcome & Passkeeping
Liturgy of the Word for Children 


Altar Servers are young people who have completed their full initiation into the church through high school who wish to assist at the altar at Mass, funerals, weddings and various liturgical celebrations.
Training is required, so please contact the priest if you would like to join in.

(Eucharistic Ministers)

Eucharistic Ministers are individuals who are fully initiated and in “good standing” with the Church, and who, with reverence and care for the Blessed Sacrament, assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass and bring Communion to the sick, homebound, and those residing in nursing homes and hospitals. Training is required. Please e-mail the priest if you are willing to serve the Lord in this way or you know someone who is housebound and is not receiving the Eucharist from the parish.

LECTORS (Readers)

Lectors are individuals who are fully initiated and in “good standing” with the Church, to proclaim the Word of God at Mass and various other Liturgical celebrations. Training is required. If you need more information or to have you name added to the rota, contact Sister Patricia Cassidy, e-mail


St. Jude’s Music Ministry, as ministers of music, come to praise God, grow in faith, and enjoy Christian fellowship.

As we encourage spiritual and individual growth within the ministry, we will, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, inspire  our church community to use prayerful song to grow communally with Jesus and His presence within each one of us.

If you have a talent for playing a musical instrument or want to use your voice in leading the singing of God praises at our masses and liturgical celebrations, please contact the music team. The ministry is open to all parishioners; contact the team via Amelia Buckley (


Welcome & Passkeeping require individuals who are willing to provide assistance as needed during the Liturgies. A strong love of the Lord and a commitment to assist His people during Mass by helping them feel comfortable and welcome. Your commitment would be 1 hour a week at any one of the regular Masses and other special events. This role is co-ordinated by the SSVP in the parish but you are not required to be in the SSVP to carry out the ministry. Contact any member of the SSVP or to the priest if you feel the Lord is calling you to serve the parish community in this way.


Each Sunday at the 10:00am Mass, we celebrate a separate Liturgy of the Word with Children. After the Opening Prayer, the children of primary school age are called forward. In procession with the leaders, they proceed to the hall, to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word with Children – readings, psalms, songs, and a homily – all the prayers of The Liturgy as celebrated in the Sanctuary by adults – but expressed in a way children can understand. Depending on the number of leaders and children the group may be split between the older and younger children,

Adult leaders engage the children in the celebration of God’s Word. Each Sunday children participate in this effective and important ministry. After praying the Intercessions together, the children return to the Sanctuary to celebrate the Liturgy of the Eucharist with their families.

Liturgy of the Word with Children is a special celebration which enables the young people of our Parish to hear and celebrate the Word of God on Sundays in a setting adapted to their needs and capabilities.

Children have the right to hear what God has to say to them. They have the right because they have been baptized. God wants to speak to children as well as to adults. The problem is that in our liturgy, the Scriptures are proclaimed in adult language which the children cannot comprehend.

If you need more information or the Lord is calling you to serve the children of St Jude’s in this way, contact Sister Patricia Cassidy for further details or to have you name added to the rota. e-mail